Here at Dentpro of Sacramento, we stay in touch with all things related to automotive appearance. We specialize in paintless dent repair, but there are other appearances related products and services that we believe are important!

These services include clear bra, window tint, ceramic coatings, and vehicle wraps.

There seems to be a common misconception within the automotive industry that dent repair cannot be performed on dents behind clear bra, under ceramic coatings or if a vehicle is wrapped. I am here to say that paintless dent removal can be performed in all of these situations! Here is a picture of us fixing a dent behind a vehicle wrap. We utilize clear packing tape to recreate the effect of a clear coat so we can get a good reflection to fix the dent!

All of these vehicle appearance services take a level of skill and professionalism to be done correctly! If you need a service like this done then we would recommend Imperial Works of Sacramento.

Dent Pro of Sacramento has performed paintless dent repair for Imperial Works for years and we are happy to call them a partner in the vehicle appearance industry.

They can be found at 6360 Belleau Wood Lane Suite 1 Sacramento, ca 95822. If you want to see what they can do then visit them

They are a true leader in the automotive appearance industry!