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Premium Vehicle Trade in Inspection Services in Sacramento, CA

Trading in your vehicle is a difficult thing to do. It is already stressful enough getting rid of something that has been as large a part of your life as your car has been. It’s exciting to get a new ride, but pretty much everyone worries about how much money they are going to get for their trade-in at a dealership.

You can take a lot of the stress out of your trade in with our Vehicle Trade in Inspection Services. At DentPro Sacramento, we will make sure your vehicle has no exterior damage before trade in. We use our state of the art paintless dent repair method to get your car looking brand new again. You can bring your car in for its trade-in inspection with confidence, knowing that the inspector at the dealership won’t be able to deduct any money from the estimated value based on little dents and dings.

A typical trade-in service can be done cheaper than a retail job because we know what dealerships are looking for. When we work for someone with a high end vehicle that they treat like their baby, we have to make sure the vehicle is perfect, and we can do that, but it takes time. However, if you inform us that you are trading in your vehicle next weekend and want us to go around the vehicle and fix all the noticeable damage, it saves us times and saves you money!

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a method of repairing dents by getting behind the metal with special tools and gently working the dent out from the other side. The metal is actually re-shaped back to its original condition. When paintless dent repair is completed correctly, there will be no sign of the damage, and it will never come back, all while preserving the paint and value of your vehicle.

Utilizing this method on your vehicle before you turn it in will save you money! We all know that dealerships are looking for the best deal on a vehicle when they purchase it. The trade-in inspectors are trained to look for damage to the vehicle to reduce the value of the car because they have to spend the money to fix it. With our extensive dealership background we know that dealers love to get a nice pristine looking car onto their used car lot. When the exterior looks dent and scratch free, their initial reaction is a good one and they will be less picky about the rest of the car because they know you have taken care of your vehicle. Many of us have bought or sold a home in the past and know that before you put it on the market, you always touch up the paint, pick the weeds and mow the lawn. We do this because we know that initial reaction means a lot to the person looking to purchase what we are selling. Why should it be any different with your vehicle?

Our Expert Technicians

Our expert technicians do extensive training on both the DentPro equipment and the DentPro method. At DentPro Sacramento, we guarantee that you will be able to count on our technicians to remove your car’s dents and make it look like new.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our work 100%. If you are not completely satisfied with your service at DentPro Sacramento, you don’t pay! We are so certain that you are going to love our work that we put our money where our mouth is. Give us a call today for a FREE quote!