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Today Dentpro of Sacramento had the pleasure of repairing the dent on the door edge of this Toyota Highlander. We get this question a lot here at Dentpro of Sacramento. Can you fix dent on the edge of a panel?! The answer is an emphatic YES!

This is a very unique dent for us to do a dent repair, but we are able to do it! Typically we fix dents that are contained within a panel, but for this job we do something different. We use a tool called an edge jack. This tool enables us to remove these dents from door edges.

The tool was developed my another PDR technician out of South Carolina. He is actually called Dentpro Upstate! Lol. The edge jack is in the picture below!

Before Highlander door edge

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Repair

Before Shane Jacks invented the edge jack we had to use a hammer and dolly to reshape the edge of the panel. Now we can perform a much cleaner and better repair. It is from outstanding PDR technicians and businessmen that this industry continues to improve.

We continue to improve on our tooling and quality of repairs each and every week. DentPro of Sacramento is always keeping up with the latest trends that are reshaping our paintless dent repair industry.

This enables us to bring you the highest quality repair and to repair dents that were previously unrepairable to a perfect level or unrepairable at all!

After picture of Highlander door edge.

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Repair

When calling Dentpro of Sacramento for your paintless dent repair needs you can always believe that we will provide you with the highest quality repair possible. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee! If you don’t like the repair then you don’t pay!

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