Top 4 Questions to Ask a Dent Expert Before Hiring Them

Questions to ask When Setting a Dent Repair Appointment

From my experience, most car owners have not used paintless dent repair on their vehicle. Typically, car owners are accustomed to taking their vehicle into a body shop. That has been the routine for many decades.

It is only in the last 10 years that paintless dent repair has emerged as the premier option. While there are limitations to what paintless dent repair technicians can do, we should always be consulted first if you have a dent situation where there is little to no missing paint.

Here is an article I wrote on what dent repair technicians are able to do. It highlights the differences between what we do here at Dentpro of Sacramento and what a conventional body shop does.

So, you’ve never heard of paintless dent repair?

How do you know who is highly skilled in this niche?

What questions should you ask?

Here are my top 4 Questions to ask a Dent Repair “Expert”

  1. How much experience do you have? This may seem like an odd question to ask someone, but it is a legitimate question. This skill takes many years to learn. All of our technicians here at Dentpro of Sacramento have over 3 years of experience pushing on dents full time before we send them out to work on your vehicle. We do this because we know when someone calls us looking for dent repair that they want the dent completely gone and not just better.
  2. How good do you think it will look when your job is complete? Every dent and situation is different. Sometimes we are not able to make a specific dent perfect in every way, but a skilled technician knows what he is able to do and not do. If you ask this question you will be able to understand their confidence level for the job.
  3. Do you provide a mobile service? Not every technician performs a mobile service. Here at Dentpro of Sacramento, we have been performing mobile dent repair for our clients for almost 30 years now!
  4. Do you have any before and after pictures? This is our best way to show a customer the level of repair we are capable of doing. We have a large variety of before and after pictures on our website and Instagram for your viewing pleasure.

Most Paintless dent repair technicians love to talk about what they do! Don’t be afraid to ask specifics on repair quality, time, or access to the damage. If you’re speaking with a trained professional then they will have plenty of great and thorough answers for you.