Lexus Quarter Panel Repair - Paintless Dent Repair - Sacramento, CA

Lexus ES Quarter Panel Crease Repaired in Sacramento, CA

We were very hesitant going into this particular job because of the depth of this crease. This crease was caused by backing up into a fully loaded trash can. The trash can did not move and the Quarter panel of this Lexus ES took some serious damage.

This is a long and deep crease which adds an element of difficulty. It is also in a slightly concaved area which adds another layer of difficulty. We decided to take the job and we were very pleased with the results.

Before Picture of the Lexus Quarter Panel


We removed the taillight and we were able to get multiple tools on the back side of the dent. Once we achieved access to the backside of the damage, we manipulated the metal back to the original shape. We performed this repair at the customer’s house in Sacramento.

We saved the customer over one thousand dollars compared to taking this to a traditional body shop. We saved the customer time, money, and kept the original paint on her vehicle.

While this one was borderline, we felt very confident attempting this job. We knew we had good access through the taillight and our experience on fixing creased dents gave us the confidence to tell the customer we could make it right.

After Picture of the Lexus Quarter Panel


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