Why (PDR) Paintless Dent Repair is Superior

  1. PDR is less expensive than a conventional body shop repair
  2. PDR offers a quick turnaround – often a same day service
  3. PDR helps maintain your true pre-accident value and condition
  4. PDR is approved by dealerships, bodyshops, service lanes, and insurance companies
  5. PDR offers a less invasive and superior repair to any other method
  6. PDR helps to avoid a vehicle history report such as CARFAX
  7. PDR is a green and eco-friendly repair

Why Paintless Dent Repair is Superior

PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) is Less Expensive

In most cases, the paintless dent repair method is cheaper than a conventional body shop repair (Take a look at the differences between paintless dent repair and body shop repair here). One of the biggest reasons for this is because the repair is significantly quicker and uses little to no materials. If we are comparing to a high end main stream body shop, the paintless dent removal industry will be significantly cheaper on damage that less than 3-4 inches. As the damage gets larger and more complicated, there are some cases where the paintless dent repair can be just as expensive as a conventional body shop. Although the repair time is significantly shorter, the training and skill that goes into a repair that is larger and more complicated merits the similar charge. Some before and after dent repair pictures of these large dents can be found on dentprosacramento.com

Faster Repair Times with Paintless Dent Repair

There is never a situation where a trained and skilled technicians using paintless dent repair will take more time than a body shop to repair similar damage. We do not need to wait for multiple paint and clear coat layers to dry and our methods of moving metal are significantly faster than a body shops method. Most PDR companies offer a mobile service, especially for smaller damage and can repair your vehicle in your driveway. Some very large dents and hail damage can take more than 1 day to repair, but even that is not likely.

Paintless Dent Repair Maintains Value

It is not a secret that anything with a motor attached to it is going to go down in value over time. However, there are ways that you can keep the value of the vehicle from going down as much and that is by keeping it looking nice! This includes using paintless dent repair along with touch-up, windshield chip repair, and interior repair. The reason why paintless dent repair is the most effective way to maintain your car’s value is because stripping the car of its original paint is one of the most effective ways to strip the value of your vehicle. There are some cases where there is no choice but to paint your vehicle and that is an acceptable method of repair, but you should always check with a high level paintless dent repair technician to be sure nothing can be done. In most cases, a 90% repair on a dent is better and more value saving than a 100% repair done at a body shop.

Approved by Everyone

There is a large segment of the population that does not know the paintless dent repair method exists, however it is approved by dealerships and their service lanes, body shops, and insurance companies. In fact, insurance companies prefer the PDR method when it can be done because of the cost savings. Our goal at dentpro of Sacramento is to educate more customers on this wonderful process, take a look at our dent repair FAQ’s for more clarification on this topic. We service Roseville, Elk grove, Folsom, Granite Bay, Sacramento, and all surrounding areas.

Less Invasive Repair

In my previous blog post, we went into more depth about why the process is superior. Visit dentprosacramento.com to check out the post! The title is the differences between PDR and body shop repair.

Avoid a Carfax report

Carfax is important for customers purchasing new cars because it helps the customer to make sure they know what has been done to the vehicle before they purchased it. The problem with Carfax is no one is likely to report it except for the insurance companies. In most cases, a paintless dent repair is going to be under your insurance deductible and we will not report anything to Carfax. Even if it is not, it is still a smart decision to use paintless dent repair because you will avoid the raise in your insurance rates and avoid a Carfax report!

PDR is Eco Friendly

There are no toxic materials or waste created when using the paintless dent repair method. When painting a car there are many chemicals and waste created during the process. Things such as paint stripping chemicals, body filler, paint and clear coat fumes, and plastic for covering the unpainted parts of the vehicle. The industry is highly regulated to ensure there is proper methods to reduce this waste, but it is not perfect. We live in a time where we are focused on using less chemicals and preserving the environment. This leads us to say once again that even a 90% paintless dent repair is better than a conventional body shop repair.