Paintless Dent Repair Mazda 6 Maita Mazda Sacramento

Paintless Dent Repair on a Mazda 6 at Maita Mazda in Sacramento, CA

This is a great example of a dent caused in a parking lot or damage caused by a shopping cart. This dent in the fender of a Mazda 6 took a pretty good hit.

The impact happened with enough force that even the body line got damaged. Along with the dent through the body line, some metal is protruding outward at the top of the dent. This is typical and we call it metal displacement.

Metal displacement happens a lot. When a panel of metal is hit the metal is sent inward, but it also sends a force through the rest of the panel commonly causing an area to protrude outward. See the pic below to see what I mean.

The area at the top is the protruding metal. In the dent repair industry, we commonly call that a “crown” or an “eyebrow”. Where the light is pinched together at the top of the dent is where the crown is.

Before Picture of Mazda 6 Dent

Paintless Dent Repair Mazda 6 Maita Mazda Sacramento

If you are curious about the process of fixing the dent it can be viewed here. I’ll explain a little bit as well if you’re just here for the reading!

The first step is to heat up the panel at the body line. This makes it so the paint will not crack when pushing on the deepest part of the dent. We get right behind the body line with our specialized dent repair tools and push the dent out until we feel like the panel is so tight that it’s fighting against our pushing.

Next, we tap down the crown and then proceed to push out the rest of the dent.

The process can be made to sound simple, but the actual procedure takes years of training in paintless dent repair to complete correctly.

Here is the result after about 20 minutes of dent repair.

After Picture of the Mazda 6 Dent

Paintless Dent Repair Mazda 6 Maita Mazda Sacramento

All of our paintless dent removal technicians are trained for at least 3 years before working on your vehicle.

Most of our paintless dent repair technicians actually have closer to 10 years of pushing experience. This is necessary if you are looking for a high-quality repair.

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Taking care of your vehicle is very important. This dent may have been preventable. If you are interested in finding ways to help prevent dents in your vehicle the check this out!

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