This was a VERY unique dent repaired by Dentpro of Sacramento. For a little background, we work closely with a lot of local body shops. In this particular job, the repair was very difficult and when the body technician was finished there were still a few waves in the panel.

Some body shops may just try and pass this off a normal work, but if you know the right paintless dent repair technician then this can be corrected.

This was a very difficult dent repair for the body shop. The driver side pillar was really smashed in and when the body tech did the work and tried to repaint the panel, but it came out wavy. This was actually the body filler not being finished correctly before painting the panel.

Mistakes likes this do happen, but this particular body shop knew to call Dentpro of Sacramento to get it taken care of. This paintless dent removal job was done with all hammer and tapper. We blended the high area down into the low area with precision.

Picture of the wavy optima panel

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Repair

Because of the way metal works we are able to tap on the high area and as we do that the metal vibrates and moves. With this movement we are able to make the high flatten at the same time we bring the slight low up… all while hitting the panel from the outside. No pushing from the backside. This method is called blending.

This is a very advanced technique and there are a lot of things that could potentially go wrong, but the paintless dent repair technicians at Dentpro of Sacramento have the proper training in order to complete repairs like these!

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