Today Dentpro of Sacramento had the pleasure of repairing this 2003 F-350. This is a beast of a truck and the metal is thicker on this truck than most newer ones!

The location of this dent was very difficult! This area between the rear door and the bedside is a very strong area and it typically doesn’t have any access from the backside of the panel.

When we don’t have access to the backside of a panel then we need to perform a glue pulling repair. This is when we glue tabs to the vehicle and pull the metal out instead of pushing it out from the backside.

Before F-350


Paintless Dent Repair


This type of repair poses several challenges. One of them being the time frame is much longer when glue pulling. Each tab needs to be placed and then pulled. Typically, when pulling on a glue tab, we are going to pull the metal further than it needs to be. Then to add to the dent repair time we need to tap down that metal to make it flat.

We are very pleased with how this dent repair came out! The customer informed us that he wasn’t even looking for a perfect repair, but I think we got it close to perfect!

This particular customer had a few other dents around his vehicle, but this is the only one that he wanted fixed. This was the biggest eyesore to him so we took care of this particular dent.

As a paintless dent repair technician at DentPro of Sacramento, we take pride is making our repairs look perfect. However, that isn’t always what the customer wants or wants to pay for. We are also in the business of making our customers happy and that’s what we did here today!

After F-350


Paintless Dent Repair

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