DentPro of Sacramento had the pleasure of repairing this ford Expedition rear hatch. This dent is uncommon, but it does happen! This dent was caused by the transportation company while delivering the vehicle. This is a rare occurrence, but it is something that happens with the new hatch systems.

These new rear hatch systems open and close electronically with hydraulic systems. Sometimes people try and shut the hatch by hand. These rear hatch systems are supposed to shut themselves. If you push to hard, the hydraulic system will essentially push back and the force of your hand will dent the hatch!

The best way to repair this dent is to remove the rear hatch paneling. By removing the plastic paneling, we can gain access to the backside of the panel and we can push the dent out from the inside out.

The best way to perform paintless dent repair is to get tools on the backside of the panel. Gaining access to the back of the dent enables us to get our specialized paintless dent repair tools on the dent and push it out from the backside of the panel.

These new Expeditions can cost upwards of $100,000! When there is even the slightest dent caused during delivery transportation it needs to be taken care of. This dealership did not hesitate to call the professional dent repair technicians at DentPro of Sacramento.

If you want to see a video then check it out here!

We provided a mobile service to the dealership and made the dent look like it never happened! We take pride in our paintless dent removal skills and we service many dealerships in the Sacramento area!

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