Today we had the pleasure of performing paintless dent repair on the bedside of a Toyota Tundra. This was a unique dent because the customer knew exactly how the dent happened. There was another truck driving next to this customer and their side view mirror rubbed up against this Tundra bedside!

It turned out to be a fortunate situation because there was no paint damage. It did leave a nasty black mark down the side of the bed and some denting as well.

Before Picture Tundra Bedside

before paintless dent removal on Tundra bedside

The first step in this repair process is to remove the bed rail cover. This is an easy process and if done correctly and carefully it can be removed without any broken tabs and replaced when done! Once the bed rail is removed there is great access to the dent.

We can get tools down the holes in the bedside and push this dent out relatively quickly!

Half of the battle of being a paintless dent repair technician is gaining access to the damage. This can be done in a variety of ways! Removing parts, gaining access through windows, or using factory drilled holes.

Also, having the correct tools is very important. Technically, a dent can be fixed with basically anything that strong enough to move metal, but having the proper tools make the job much better and easier. Here is an article I wrote about a paintless dent repair technicians tools.

After Picture Tundra Bedside

before paintless dent removal on Tundra bedside

I make quick youtube videos of most of my repairs as well. You can check out my youtube channel here. For the video of this Tundra video specifically then check that out here.

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