It not every day that a dent repair technician gets to work on a 1999 that’s this clean! This car is over 20 years old, but it is in great condition! Our customer was carrying a tool out of his garage and bumped his fender.

He was so bummed that he dented his vehicle that until he called DentPro of Sacramento right away. He was worried he was going to have to paint his vehicle. We gave him a reasonable quote and told him we would come out in a few days.

When we arrived, all we had to do was remove a few clips from the fender liner to gain access to the backside of the dent. Once we had access, we pushed the dent out from the backside of the panel. This is the art of paintless dent repair. Mobile, convenient, quick, clean, and cost efficient!

Before Picture of the Mercedes

paintless dent removal mercedes SLK

This paintless dent repair required pushing from the back of the panel as well as tapping from the outside of the panel. We manipulate the metal from both sides while using a LED reflection until the dent is back to normal.

There is no stripping the paint, no filler, or no aftermarket parts. We keep the metal AND paint original on all of our paintless dent removal jobs!

This preserves the value of the vehicle and keeps the beautiful paint job looking better for longer.

After Picture of the Mercedes

paintless dent removal mercedes SLK

From large dents to small dents on any panel of your vehicle DentPro of Sacramento has the skills and experience to get the got job the first time.

It is our recommendation that you always call DentPro of Sacramento first before taking it to a body shop just to see if we are able to help you! Why call us first? Here’s why.

When you see a dent see DentPro