Lease Return Inspection Services

DentPro Sacramento

Premium Lease Return Inspection Services in Sacramento, CA

An additional service we offer here at DentPro Sacramento is our lease return inspection service. This is a service package where we look at your leased vehicle, look at the lease return requirement and make a suggestion about whether you should fix the damage before you turn in the vehicle or not. Typically we can save you money on the wear and tear cost of your turn in.

If you return a car to your leasing office with any of the specified wear and tear damage to it, you will pay for it. Often, you’ll pay a lot more than it will cost the company to fix it. The lease inspection companies are looking for any damage they can find in order to lower the value of the vehicle. Some can be extremely picky and others are not as picky.

At Dentpro Sacramento, we will remove all of your dints and dings simply by massaging and re-shaping the metal panels on your car. We don’t fill, and we certainly don’t re-paint. Repainting a leased vehicle will cause the vehicle to lose value as well. We will leave the factory finish intact on the vehicle so you can make sure to avoid any lease wear and tear charges.

Typically a few months before your lease is over, you will need to contact a lease inspection company to have them come look at your vehicle and tell you what you need to get repaired in order to not be charged for the excessive wear and tear. If you are looking for a service provider that offers lease return inspections at reasonable prices as well as a professional who will do it on short notice, then you have come to the right place at DentPro Sacramento. We will get your leased car fixed so you can save money at lease turn in and put that money toward your next vehicle.