PDR tools? Suction cups? I think not.

Paintless dent repair technicians use a very specific set of tools. These tools are most likely tools that you have never seen. Our main tools are various metal rods. Each rod is different and each serves a specific purpose. They vary in thickness, length, degree of bend, and other factors.

In addition to metal rods, we use various hammers and knockdowns. The hammer and knockdowns are used to move the metal that is protruding outward back to flat. The metal rods are used by pushing on the backside of the panel to massage the dent out. A paintless dent repair technician also has various accessories to help gain access to the back of the panel and to gain leverage in order to push effectively.

Which tool is the most important?

Enough about the Dentpro tool obsession; does it ever matter? Can a paintless dent repair technician fix a dent with a standard screwdriver and a crowbar? Technically, yes, but it may not end in “pre-accident condition”. Our specialized tools enable us to perform precision repairs and return the metal back to where it was before the accident occurred.

Although we do have a lot of specialized tools, the most important tool in skilled technicians toolbox is their level of experience. There are no two PDR technicians that use the same exact process or tools to repair a specific dent. One thing that must be consistent across all paintless dent removal technicians is a significant amount of experience. A skilled technician can use most paintless dent repair tools to repair a dent to a high level. An unskilled technician can have the tools available and not be able to fix any dent to a perfect level.

The most important tool is our experience

To summarize, a technician’s tools are important as long as he has the skill to go with it. Once we are equipped with the proper tools, there is a certain point where a new tool doesn’t make a significant difference. The most important thing to look for in a technician is the level of experience. I would look for no less than 3 years of training for someone to work on your vehicle. All technicians at Dentpro of Sacramento have over 3 years of experience before they will be sent to work on your vehicle!

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