Dent Repair Services Sacramento

DentPro Sacramento

Specializing in Major and Minor Dent Repair in the Greater Sacramento Area

Paintless Dent Repair

Here at DentPro Sacramento, we specialize in paintless dent repair.  This means that instead of filling the dent and painting over it, we repair it by reshaping the metal from the back side of the damage.  We use specially designed tools to ensure that the shape and appearance of the metal is perfectly in line with the manufacturer appearance.  In other words, our job is to make it look like your car never had a dent in it at all!

The benefits of paintless dent repair are numerous:

  • Maintain the value of your vehicle, i.e., no repainting and no Carfax report.
  • In most cases, you will save money off of a typical body shop repair
  • Repair can usually be completed within 1-2 days, which is much faster than the typical 1-2 weeks at a body shop.
  • Usually affordable enough to not make a claim on your insurance

Hail Damage Dent Repair

Hail damage dent repair is uncommon in the Sacramento area, but our technicians have seen plenty of it come through our shops. Unlike most other California companies, we have the proper equipment to repair hail damage the correct way.  It is very important to be experienced with hail in order to ensure proper repair of the affected panels. Hail can leave your car roof, hood and trunk covered in little dents and dings, but the good news is that hail very rarely actually damages the paint on your car. This makes it very possible for us to use the paintless dent repair method to fix your vehicle.

Lease Return Inspection Services

If you lease a car, you know how important it is to give it back in perfect condition. Leasing companies are notoriously strict about their standards for how you can return your car and in what condition they will consider normal wear and tear. You scrub, clean and vacuum out your car, but most people forget to take care of the exterior appearance of the vehicle.

As part of our lease return inspection services, we will provide the wear and tear standards for your vehicle and make sure we fix the damage at a reasonable cost, which will allow you to be charged less upon lease turn in.

Vehicle Trade-In Inspection Services

When it comes to trading in your vehicle, it is essential that you let the car dealer see it looking its best. The trade-in value you receive depends directly on how well the car dealer thinks you have taken care of your car and for what price the dealer thinks they will be able to sell the car. If your car has dents and dings all over it, any potential customer is going to wonder what else is wrong with it, and therefore, the dealer will offer you less money for it.

Get ready for your vehicle trade-in inspection with a stop at DentPro Sacramento! We will fix all your dents and dings and get your car dealer ready and looking like new. We don’t use paint patching or filling, which leave a mark once the dent is filled in. Instead, we use cutting edge metal massaging techniques to gently work out the dent and leave it smooth, just the way it came off the factory floor.