Dent Repair Frequently Asked Questions

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What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair is a method of removing dents from your vehicle without using filler or repainting. Instead, technicians use specialized equipment to reach in and carefully massage the dent from the inside out.

What are the benefits of paintless dent repair?

There are several benefits of paintless dent repair.
  1. The paintless dent repair method does not damage the paint or require re-painting.
  2. You don’t have to worry about fill materials shrinking or expanding later.
  3. It is typically cheaper. There are some cases where we cost more at the time of repair, but factoring in the maintained value of your vehicle still make us the better option.
  4. It is much faster. If you take your car into a body shop to have a dent fixed, they might keep it for 1-2 weeks. We can usually get your dent repaired the same day you drop it off.
  5. It is better quality. We preserve the factory finish to maintain the value and look of your vehicle.

Will paintless dent repair damage my paint?

No. Today’s factory paints are very flexible and can handle being moved back and forth as the metal in the dent is moved back out. If the paint is not already scratched from the damage impact, it will not have any problems with our paintless dent repair procedure. In fact, paintless dent repair is the only way to fix dents without damaging your paint.

Will the dent be completely gone?

Yes. In most cases, the vehicle is repaired back to 100%.  There are some cases where the paintless dent repair method cannot repair your vehicle to 100%. If that is the case, we will inform you ahead of time. We will give you a percentage of completion that we believe we will be able to achieve. In nearly all cases, our customers are completely satisfied with what we believe to be a 90% repair.

Will the dents come back in the future?

No. When paintless dent repair is done correctly there is no way for the metal to go back to the dented state. When the metal is formed by the manufacturer, that is the shape that it wants to be in, so we are actually moving the metal back to where it naturally wants to be, and that is where it will want to stay.

Can you fix any dent?

No. There are certain situations, although those are decreasing each day, where the paintless dent repair method is not able to fix some dents. The best way is to get a free estimate from a paintless dent repair technician to see if we are able to fix your vehicle.

Do you drill to fix dents?

Not if we can avoid it and never without your permission. Too often, drilling is just a way to make the technicians’ lives easier and not completely necessary for the repair. If there is any way at all for us to access a dent without drilling we will do it, no matter how much extra work it requires from us. If there is absolutely no way for us to fix a dent without drilling, we will advise you of this fact. It will be your choice whether we drill or not. If we do drill, it will be in a hidden or inconspicuous area, and we will rustproof and plug the hole.

Will you fix my scratches?

We will fix minor scratches and damage to the dented area. If there is extensive paint damage, we will usually advise another repair option.

Do you offer a discount for multiple dents?

We do offer a multi-dent discount. If you have several dents on one panel, we can often add in the extra dents for a very low price. We also offer a reasonable whole-car price if you have a lot of dents on your vehicle.

Will you fix dents on my lease return car?

Yes, we can! Dealerships often charge an arm and a leg if they think you have put “excessive” wear and tear on the outside of your car. The amount you spend on paintless dent repair is often a lot less than you would spend in fees. It’s easy to send it back looking pristine, so why not?

Can you fix dents in a vehicle that has a wrap on it?

Yes. In most cases we are able to fix vehicles that have a wrap. The damage is more complicated, but we will test the strength of the wrap gradually as we remove the damage to ensure we do not hurt the wrap on the vehicle.

Can you help me sell my car?

Absolutely. People judge books by their covers and cars by their shiny exteriors all the time. If a car looks pristine, the potential buyers will often be willing to pay more money than if they see dents and dings. Sell your car for as much money as possible – have DentPro Sacramento fix your dents first!