Can you fix a dent on a body line?

Here at Dentpro of Sacramento, we get this question a lot! We understand why someone would ask this question because body line dents do look more difficult or even impossible to repair.

While performing dent repair on body line dents is one of the most difficult aspect of a paintless dent repair technicians job it can be done! All of our DentPro of Sacramento dent repair technicians are trained for over 5 years before we send them to do a mobile dent repair at your house.

The dent shown below is a standard dent caused by a combination of a high wind day and a car parked too close to this Prius. The result is a very deep impact through the body line on the passenger door. What an eyesore! Want to know how not to dent your vehicle or others? Read this article

Before and After Picture of Toyota Prius Dent Repair

paintless dent removal Prius Carmichael

We accessed this dent by wedging open the window and getting tools behind the dent. This dent takes a lot of force to move so there are a few things that a dent repair technician needs to keep in mind.

What to watch out for

  1. When applying that much force to the metal we are using the window as a leverage point. There is a risk that a window can break, but at DentPro of Sacramento we taken every precaution to prevent that including using window guards and not touching the edge of the window


  1. With a dent this deep there is risk that the paint can crack when moving that body line out. We prevent this by heating up the outside of the panel to make the paint more malleable.


  1. Slipping! When working through a window and on a deep body line there is a chance your tool can slip which can cause extra damage. DentPro of Sacramento dent repair technicians are trained on how to stabilize their tools during repair!

There are no suction cups or hot water in a dent repair like this. That is a Youtube overstatement. Yes, hot water can make a specific big round soft dent in metal or plastic easier to move, but the dent will never be perfect without using the professi

onal method that the technicians at DentPro of Sacramento use.

If you have a body line dent then we can repair it!

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