DentPro Guarantee

Dent Pro Guarantee

At DentPro Sacramento, we want you to be completely satisfied with your repair, or you will not be charged. Service and quality is important to us, that’s why we make this commitment.





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    Tania H.

    DentPro is amazing. I bumped into something and got a nasty dent on my car. Well I'm the type of person that when something stressful happens, I wake up in the middle of the night, and whatever's stressing me out keeps me awake. So at about 3 AM I was scouring Yelp to find a place to fix my dent. Well my Yelp search led me to DentPro. Their website offers a free quote page where you can send in a picture of the work you need done and they can call you later and give you a quote. I sent my request with the picture of the dent at probably 3:30-4 AM and I got a call later that day. Maybe around 10 AM and we set up a time for me to get the car fixed. It's awesome cuz they come to you! Super accommodating too. I needed them to get to my house before 11 AM because I had work that day so between 8-10 AM was when they'd come.

    The day the technician, Gary, came was on one of the stormy days that's happened in Sacramento lately and I wasn't expecting the technician to come because of the weather but he came maybe around 9 AM. He worked on my car and it was super quick and my car looked good as new! I was totally amazed AND he polished my headlights because he was "down there polishing anyways" and noticed that my headlights were foggy. It was inexpensive too.

    I'd totally use DentPro again. Super professional. Quick service.
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