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DentPro Sacramento History and Story

Here at DentPro Sacramento, we are experts in cutting edge technologies and methods to remove dents without having to fill and paint. We use a wide variety of metal sculpting tools to re-shape your damaged car exterior into its original factory condition. We don’t fill, sand or paint. We just use Paintless Sculpting techniques to restore your vehicle to its original beauty.

Paintless sculpting techniques are not brand new. In fact, car manufacturers have been using this technique for decades to create the signature forms of the metal panels on their cars. But it is only more recently that paintless sculpting techniques have made it to car repair shops via the DentPro system.  It’s now accepted that paintless dent repair is simply the logical alternative to body repair.

When you take your car into a body shop for a dent, they fill in any dents and paint over the new material.  Having the original factory finish on your car is really important for your car’s value.  We preserve the factory finish on your car, which in turn makes your car worth more than it would be if you had it filled and re-painted.

Filling and painting often results in slightly mismatched paints.  It might not be noticeable to the naked eye, but the technology exists to measure the paint to look for inconsistencies in the thickness of the paint. With this technology, dealers can find that the vehicle was painted and lower the value of your trade in or lease return. On the other hand, with paintless dent repair at DentPro Sacramento, your original paint remains completely intact as long as it was not scratched to begin with.  You can say goodbye to filling with body fillers, sanding the old paint and painting over it with the best matching paint they are able to create. With paintless dent repair from DentPro Sacramento, your car will look just like it came off of the showroom floor.

Our Training

All of our DentPro technicians attend an eight-week training program to learn how to use the DentPro tools and techniques. After the original training our technicians spend years in the field perfecting this art form known as paintless dent repair. This means you can count on our technicians to have the skills and expertise to be able to repair your vehicle to the quality our customers have come to expect. Every technician working on customer vehicles has at least 5 years of working on paintless dent repair to ensure high quality results.

The Need for Good Repairs

In the current economy and market, people are keeping their cars longer and longer. When something goes wrong with a car, people are more likely to fix it then to go out and buy a new car. That means repairs are even more important than ever. Keep your car looking like new with services from DentPro Sacramento!

Who Are We?

DentPro first began in 1991 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then we have spread throughout the west coast with multiple technicians in each state. At DentPro Sacramento, our goal is to give you the best dent repair in the industry, outstanding customer service and professional treatment.

Fleets We Service

We handle repairs for many car rental companies and other large businesses, including:

  • California AAA (Automobile Association
  • Many major car dealerships
  • Hertz Car Sales
  • Carmax
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car.


DentPro is a vibrant company in an industry that is poised for massive growth. If you are thinking of joining the DentPro Sacramento team, give us a call or fill out our contact form. We are always looking for high energy, motivated, courteous individuals. We offer training, benefits and growth opportunities as you learn the new skill of paintless dent repair.