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Questions to ask When Setting a Dent Repair Appointment

Top 4 Questions to Ask a Dent Expert Before Hiring Them Questions to ask When Setting a Dent Repair Appointment From my experience, most car owners have not used paintless dent repair on their vehicle. Typically, car owners are accustomed to taking their vehicle into a body shop. That has been the routine for many [...]

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How much do a PDR techs tools matter?

PDR tools? Suction cups? I think not. Paintless dent repair technicians use a very specific set of tools. These tools are most likely tools that you have never seen. Our main tools are various metal rods. Each rod is different and each serves a specific purpose. They vary in thickness, length, degree of bend, and [...]


DentPro Guarantee

Dent Pro Guarantee

At DentPro Sacramento, we want you to be completely satisfied with your repair, or you will not be charged. Service and quality is important to us, that’s why we make this commitment.

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    DentPro repaired a three to four inch long dent from a pipe that had fallen onto the upper rear quarter panel on my Audi.  I photographed the dent and texted it to DentPro.  DentPro responded promptly and came back with a repair price of two hundred dollars.  The other dent repair services that I called never called me back, so I hired DentPro.  The service guy was able to come out the next day and showed up at the promised time.  He did a great job tapping out the dent to the extent that you'd never know there was a repair there. The service guy said his trained eye could tell where the dent was, but I could not.  The paint still looked perfect.  The service guy was very personable and we chatted while he worked.  I think he was done in about a half hour.

    One issue of concern is that the repair guy wondered why the estimate was $200 for this dent as (he said) other repair outfits would've done the repair for less than $100.  He still charged me $200 for the repair.  I guess I accepted his estimate when I initially hired DentPro.  But, I didn't have any other estimates to compare to at the time.  Makes me wonder about DentPro's business practices.  

    DentPro did a great job.  You can't tell there was a dent in that location on the car.  Good as new.  I was less than satisfied about the price, considering that repair guy told me that he and anyone else would've done it for half the price.  With that, only three stars.
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